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Best potty training tool ever! Now available in NZ....

Making Potty training fun for boys AND girls!   Potti-Dots now available in NZ..
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New Potti-Dots potty training stickers are the ultimate in potty training fun for kids AND parents.
Bright and cheeky, they go straight on the outside of the potty or toilet in celebration of every little achievement- and best of all, they are 100% removable.
Use them ‘one-by-one’ as a simple reward system, and your little ‘trainee’ will light up at the thought of potty time. Personalise the bonus ‘Potty Licence’ with your child’s photo for added encouragement, and watch them go, as they become a ‘Wee Wonder Kid’!
Potti-Dots are visually engaging, very cheeky, and guaranteed to have the potty (or even the enormous family toilet) looking friendly and fantastic in no time at all…
Each A4 sized pack of Potti-Dots contains 20 Potti-Dots, and the bonus 'Potty Licence' on the reverse side of the packaging.
Potti-Dots are unlike any other potty training ‘accessory’ anywhere!
Available in two cute and quirky designs- Boys and Girls, Potti-Dots are now available in New Zealand through, at $9.95 per pack.

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