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Dural Technology

If you're walking, jogging or running the perceived level of exertion drops when impact to your ankle, knee and other affected joints is reduced. Our patented treadmill technology absorbs the impact of each foot strike up to 50% than other treadmills!

So you experience a more comfortable workout that keeps you motivated and moving toward your fitness goals.

Recommended by Dr Chris Hanna

I am a Specialist Sports Physician working at Adidas Sports Medicine. I am an accredited provider for the New Zealand Sports Academy and deal with elite athletes in all sports. I have been the team doctor for the New Zealand Olympic & Commonwealth Games teams, the New Zealand rugby league team, the Warriors NRL rugby league team and the Auckland NPC rugby union team.

I’m also senior lecturer in sports medicine at Auckland University teaching undergraduate medical students about the musculoskeletal system, and teaching qualified doctors post-graduate sports medicine.

The big difference between this machine and any other treadmill 1 have used becomes evident when you start to walk or jog on. The combination of the rubber deck mounts, the dual deck system with the layer of shock absorbing foam between the running deck and the supporting “flexi-deck”), the dyanamic suspension at the front end of the deck, and the Pulse Width Modulator con trolled motor that adjusts belt speed to adapt to foot-strike, make for a very comfortable experience. At lower speeds it is hard to say why it feels more comfortable, but at the higher speeds it becomes more evident, and the feel of this treadmill is noticeably different to all of the other types of treadmill I use. It doesn’t take long to get used to, and the difference is really highlighted by trying another treadmill.

In sports medicine, we talk about relative rest as part of rehabilitation - this means maintaining fitness while protecting the injured area. For injured runners, we sometimes recommend alternatives such as aquajogging or swimming. Most runners would prefer to be running. The combination of shock absorption and track speed adaptation may allow some injured athletes to return to running sooner than if they were to try running on the road. Quite simply, if they could run pain free on this type of treadmill, without worsening of their pain when they cool down or the following day, I would be happy for them to use it as part of their rehabilitation.

Any time we change the way we exercise, we run the risk of developing an overuse injury (like shin splints or a stress fracture). This is particularly true of people who are just getting into exercise. This type of machine would be ideal for these people as well, as it reduces the stress that goes through the body, and therefore will reduce the risk of this type of injury,

I would encourage people who have had to stop running in the past due to injury, to come in and try one of these machines. I would be keen to hear how they get on.

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