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Action Indoor Sports Stadiums

Action Indoor Sports Stadiums
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Action Indoor Sports Stadiums
New Zealand


Action Indoor Sports Stadiums are the most modern and professionally run indoor sports facilities in New Zealand. They have a fantastic after school and weekend junior programme covering indoor cricket, netball and soccer for children aged 7-18yrs. The programme is all about kids having fun together - while developing agility, team spirit and social skills at the same time.

The great thing is that the stadium organises all aspects of the games - from equipment through to umpires, so you don’t have to be involved unless you wish to organise a team. You can, however, have an individual child or group of children placed into a graded team by Action Indoor Sports, or you can organise a team yourself.The philosophy of Action Indoor Sports is to provide a healthy, professionally managed and maintained environment where groups of friends, families and workmates can enjoy playing social sport all year round.

Junior sports is all about kids having fun together while they develop their fitness, agility, team spirit and social skills. Action Indoor Sports Stadiums are committed to bring active leisure options to today's kids. All games are graded for boys and girls 6 to 17 years old and held after school each weekday and weekends. Fully trained Action umpires looks after all the Action while Mums and Dads are welcome to become involved, if they wish, by helping to organise a team.

Action Junior Soccer:

Action Junior Soccer is an exciting indoor version of the great world game. This fast paced game is great for developing soccer skills and can be played from an early age. As teams play in a netted environment the ball is never out play making the game fast and exciting, just what kids love. Soft soccer balls are used so that players can kick it as hard as they like with out risk or injury to themselves or other players. Teams compete in regular weekly leagues with no games scheduled during school holidays. All umpires and equipment are supplied so parents only have to worry about getting to the games on time.

Action Junior Cricket:

Action Junior Cricket is a modified version of the outdoor code. Played in the nets where cricket is ideal for kids as play is compact and kids can learn valuable skills while enjoying a fast moving active game. Action Junior Cricket is played over the winter period so cricket players can keep their cricket skills sharp and of course as it's played indoors so no games are ever cancelled. All cricket equipment is supplied but of course kids can bring personal equipment to use. Teams compete in regular weekly leagues with no games scheduled during school holidays.

Action Junior Netball:

Action Junior Netball is huge! Hundreds of junior teams play in our junior leagues which run all year, both boys and girls love playing this mixed social sport. This is an excellent way of enhancing general netball skills as all the same skill sets are utilised. Leagues from primary to highschool are offered, all equipment and fully trained umpires are supplied and professional competition management is applied. Either 6 or 7 aside formats are offered within the Action group.

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Children usually start to learn netball from the age of about 10yrs. Almost all netball is organised through schools, so if you would like your children to get involved