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Maori Education Trust

Maori Education Trust
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Maori Education Trust
Level 2/Dominion Building 76-80 Victoria Street, Lambton 6011
New Zealand


The Trust was established with the aim of encouraging Maori into tertiary education by offering a wide variety of scholarships and grants. Their aim is to enable Maori to achieve their cultural, spiritual, social, political and economic aspirations.

In 1993 the Māori Education Act 1961 was repealed and replaced by the Māori Education Trust Deed and this remains today. Currently, the Trust’s core activities comprise the:

  • administration of a wide variety of scholarships and grants;
  • managing, protecting and growing of the Trust’s assets.

Even with its limited resources the Trust views education as critical to Māori development. It therefore places importance on mobilizing Māori into education by assisting with funding, providing information, developing strategic alliances and developing future Māori leadership. Finally, the Māori Education Trust realises that anything less will not assist Māori make a greater contribution to Aotearoa and the global world.
The main activities which achieve this are:

  • administration of a variety of scholarships,
  • Brokering of meaningful strategic relationships;
  • Protecting and administering the returns through its asset base;
  • Developing strategic relationships and initiatives to ensure its self sufficiency;
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