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Kia Ata Mai Educational Trust

Kia Ata Mai Educational Trust
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Kia Ata Mai Educational Trust
Po Box 166
New Zealand


The Trust is involved in professional literacy development for Maori people. Kia Ata Mai Educational Trust is comprised of Maori teachers working in the Waikato area, who all hold senior management positions within their respective schools.

In 1993 we made a successful application to the Waikato Education Foundation for funding to assist us to continue our commitment to provide support for junior reading programmes in Maori. Henceforth, we became known as Kia Ata Mai Educational Trust, a name given to us by Te Wharehuia Milroy.

Our aims are to develop and promote Maori literacy programmes for readers in Kura Kaupapa and Maori medium schools. Also to promote, support and assist with the publication of appropriate, quality and classroom tested resources in Maori, and to support initiatives that will maintain the quality of the Maori language, training and professional development of teachers in Kura Kaupapa schools and support for kaupapa Maori initiatives.

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