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Dot NZ Shop - It's all about the kids

Dot NZ Shop - It's all about the kids! is an online shop with just what every Mum needs. Order for delivery to your door - reusable food pouches suitable for homemade purees, yoghurt or smoothies. Unique organic Baby Wear, ideal for any new mum and beautiful gits for newborns and baby showers.


Traditional black pudding

Traditional black pudding

The deli is Hawke's Bay is gaining a following for its handcrafted Black Pudding. Made traditionally from old recipes and using only natural ingredients, it has been gently spices, mixed and slowly poached to give it its classic taste. It is available from selected specialty stores and the Hastings Farmer's Market. It is being used by a number of renowned chefs in quality restaurants in new and exciting ways. Serve it classically seared with chicken and beef, as a base topped with seafood or in pasta and on top of pizzas. And everyone can enjoy it with eggs for breakfast.

Venerdi Food Products


Gluten Free -Dairy Free -Soy Free -Sugar Free -Chemical Free

At Venerdi we Strongly believe that good nutrition equals good health.

You will find that all Venerdi bread products contain real wholesome ingredients that will energies your body and improve performance.

Many Wheat based products weigh you down with the ‘glug’ effect,where as a ‘lite’ rice based gluten Free diet will improve your health, wellbeing and vitality. Switch to Venerdi and feel the results of a natural performance enhancer— giving you the competitive edge.

Real Ingredients…enhanced energy!

Purebread’s Organic, Gluten Free Food Products


Purebread’s Young Buck gluten free bread is light and nutritious - ideal for an energizing start to the day, a tasty lunch or snack.

“I’m never without my Young Buck

……………. It’s my choice for great taste and sustained energy”

Anna Thorpe

International hockey star and coeliac,

Silver medalist, Delhi Commonwealth Games

Anna is such a fan she even takes Young Buck away when playing overseas.

Purebread’s Products are available online to purchase or find a location on the web.


Since 1977 the Yangtze has been regarded as Wellington's most celebrated and authentic Chinese restaurant with exquisite food, impeccable service and a comprehensive selection of fine wines and spirits.


Lunch - Monday to Friday: 11:30am to 2:30pm
Weekends: Closed
Dinner - Monday to Sunday: 5:30pm to Late
All Day - Public Holidays: Closed

Phone: 04 801 8883
Fax: 04 381 3381

Cheng's Chinese Restaurant

Cheng's Chinese Restaurant

Decorated in authentic Chinese style, Cheng's Chinese Restaurant have been serving exquisite Chinese cuisine since 1992. With seatings for over 150 people, we are the perfect place for large banquets and parties. We also specialize in catering for tour buses and takeaways are most welcomed.


We can cater up to 150 diners simultaneously amidst our authentic Chinese furnishings. With a large range of tables available, planning small gatherings to large parties are a breeze. Our separate alcoves are also perfect for private functions.

Vegetable Spaghetti (Recipe by Annabel Karmel)

Vegetable Spaghetti (Recipe by Annabel Karmel)

This never fails to impress! You can add a few chopped herbs if you like.


  • 1 large carrot peeled
  • 1 large courgette, trimmed
  • Butter or margarine for frying

Pare both the carrot and the courgette into long thin ribbons using a potato peeler. Melt a little butter or margarine in a frying pan and sauté the vegetable spaghetti for about three minutes. Serves 2.

Vege Chips with Chilli Dip (Recipe by Aria Farm)

Cook Aria Farm Vege Chips. Serve the chips on a plate with a small dish of Sweet Chilli Sauce and lettuce (big leafed) on plate. A very quick and filling snack.

Three blind mice on toast (Recipe by Annabel Karmel)

This fun snack looks like three blind mice hiding under a blanket.


  • 1 piece of brown bread
  • Butter or margarine for spreading
  • 6 cherry tomatoes
  • 2 slices of cheese
  • 6 curly pretzels or some cooked strands of spaghetti

Toast the bread and spread with butter or margarine, cut the toast in half. Cut a thin slice off the bottom of the tomatoes so they can stand up. Arrange 2 in a row on the edge of each piece of toast. Put the cheese slices on top of the tomatoes.

Mr Banana Face (Recipe by Annabel Karmel)

Rice cakes are popular with children. I think it is the texture they like. Combining a rice cake with this nutritious topping makes an amusing snack.


  • 1 rice cake
  • Peanut butter, cream cheese or fromage frais
  • Slices of banana
  • 1 cherry tomato
  • Raisins

Spread the rice cake with some peanut butter or cream cheese or fromage frais, arrange slices of banana for eyes, a cherry tomato for the nose and raisins for a smile. Makes 1 portion.