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Bouncy Fun Castles Ltd

Winnie the Pooh

Hire Bouncy Castles for special events - Auckland wide.

A great selection of Bouncy Castles for kid's parties and other events in Auckland.

Thinking of hiring a bouncy castle? Need a selection of Bouncy castles to view?

If there are children involved you can’t go wrong. We only stock COMMERCIAL QUALITY CASTLES that are safe for your children. Don't put your child at risk with inferior quality (non commercial) castles.


Exscite: Interactive Science Gallery, Waikato Museum

Exscite: Interactive Science Gallery

In the top level of Exscite you will find fun interactive activities where kids play and have fun, as they learn about science. You’ll still find many of the old favorites, but now they have an exciting new look and some fun new features.

The Exscite Science Galleries aim to foster a learning experience in an exciting and engaging environment, introducing Science to young people and allowing them to actively learn whilst having fun.

Confident Kids & Bonnie Reid (Dip Adv Hyp)

Confident Kids & Bonnie Reid (Dip Adv Hyp)

Confident Kids is dedicated to children – who are our future. Our children are very wise, and given self empowering tools, can truly shine like the stars that they are in their own right.

It is during childhood that literally the resulting adult is being molded. How many of us could have benefited by believing in ourselves, and honoring our own unique gifts early on.

By not comparing themselves to others, being fearful of judgment or willingly taking on board others negativity, life opens up for our children.

Magical Masquerade - Face Painting, Pregnancy Belly Art, Body Art

Pregnancy belly art - Tulips for Amanda

Face painting, Body art and Pregnancy belly art a specialty. Ideal for Children's Parties, Fancy dress, Masquerade or Prom, Schools, Charity, Local Community and Corporate events, Galas, Festivals etc

Special offer $99 for package deal to capture your painted bellyart at $120. This includes your bump painting, photoshoot with two prints. Portrait photograph (8x10) and Close up (5x7) by Zoompics Photography.

For more infromation see website or contact Anna.

Auckland Clowns

Auckland clowns

Auckland clown Cherry the clown is the Funniest clown around. A show with Comedy, magic, Juggling and puppets.Great for Birthday parties, Pre schools shows, Christmas parties or any event that needs Aucklands funniest clown!

The making of a Clown:

In this show, I arrive as myself (without the make-up). I ask the children what they know about clowns. I then proceed to put on my make-up from suggestions by the kids, as well as telling a little of the history of clowning. When finished, I am Cherry the Clown and perform a routine.

Imaginaire Entertainment: Face Painting, Balloon Sculpting, Childrens Drama & Party Games

Imaginaire Entertainment

Imaginaire Entertainment can provide Professional, Fun and Fuss-Free, Affordable Entertainment.

Whether you are interested in one or a combination of Face Painting, Balloon Sculpting, Children's Drama or Party Games, we can be sure to tailor something to suit your special occasion.

Imaginaire is about Total Entertainment, so to top it all off we can also come in costume! There are a variety to choose from-like a Fairy, Princess, Superhero and more!

Infant Feeding Association of New Zealand

Infant Feeding Association of New Zealand

Infant Feeding Association of New Zealand An organisation providing information and resources which allow all mothers, families and caregivers to make informed decisions on optimal feeding practices for infants and young children.

FANZ, the “Infant Feeding Association of New Zealand”, an Incorporated Charitable Trust launched 10 May 2006.
IBFAN, International Baby Food Action Network. IFANZ is the new Regional Coordinating Office, "IBFAN Oceania", for the Pacific region.

Fab Faces: Face Painting by Sarah

Fab Faces: Face Painting by Sarah

Fab Faces is a professional service, here to deliver amazing looking faces and excited smiles! Add some excitement to your next party or event with affordable, moving artwork.

Please contact me at or on 021 739 925 to discuss your requirements.


The name Huggies is synonymous with nappies; as we’re the leader in our field we agree it should be, however we believe that we are much more than just a nappy company. The Huggies brand has evolved into an integral part of every new baby and new parents life with being the leading baby and parenting site in Australia and New Zealand.

Child Development Resources Ltd

Child Development Resources Ltd
  • Provide parents and caregivers with the important new information now available about how to promote the healthy development of children. Recent research into the factors that influence the development of children in their first years of life provide opportunities for parents and caregivers to make choices about how they will parent their children.