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White Crane Massage

Healthy mother - happy baby!

Pregnancy massage improves your health and the health of your baby.

It reduces the risk of miscarriage and increases the birth weight. Pregnancy massage decreases cortisol levels and, in turn, excessive fetal activity decreases. It is helpful to ward off depression, anxiety during pregnancy & helps with the postpartum mood.

Many midwives recommend to have at least 2-3 pregnancy massages before the labour.

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Kariclub Pregnancy Advice Service

Kariclub Pregnancy Advice Service

New Zealand based pregnancy/baby club with pregnancy chat, calendars, articles, due date calculator and more. Come chat live with one of experts, or join the forum to interact with other mums.

New Zealand Nannies International

Au Pair Agency & Parent Coaching - New Zealand Nannies International

NZ Nannies International specializes in placing Au Pairs with NZ Families. It's an incredibly flexible, affordable, beneficial childcare choice. We help you source an Au Pair - one that is a good fit, and support you, the Au Pair and the whole process.

We also provide Parent Coaching for Families having behavioural or sleep difficulties with their children.

If you'd like to know more, see our website: or email (Use the contact form below) or call:

Wellington Area: Victoria 021-0250-2313

Auckland Area: Kristina 021-51-7788

Bebelicious Moses baskets

Bebelicious Moses baskets

A firm European favourite, the Moses basket is the ideal first bed for your newborn baby, and a portable alternative to a bassinet or cot.
Moses basket is made from 100% chemical free, natural maize.
Bebelicious has a wonderful selection of Moses basket stands available to choose from. From a designer ivory Moses basket stand to a soothing rocking stand, Bebelicious stands are perfect for your new baby's nursery.

C-Section Comfort Care - Recovery After Cesarean

C-Section After Header Picture

Cesarean Section After Care.

We offer a range of comfort care products to promote recovery after a cesarean.

C-Panty - the after cesarean underwear
Cesarean Belt - recovering after a cesarean (heating and colling inserts)
Hospital Pants - for immediately after a caesarean section
Natal Hypnotherapy - for preparation before a c-section
C-Section Books - information for recovery after cesarean sections

We help you get back to yuor baby with comfort.

Personal Journeys

At Personal Journeys we specialise in providing a range of valuable communication courses. Whether you are interested in improving your corporate success or your personal communication skills, we have a course for you!

A natural pain management option for labour

New Life Maternity Wear

New Life Maternity Wear

Smart and casual fashion for the expecting mother; shop from the convenience of your home.

We have just arrived back to the office after another successful Child & Parenting Expo in Hamilton. Although the venue was freezing, we still really enjoyed meeting all of you that attended. We would love to have your feedback on how you found it. And…CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of our competition who are…Susan McLaren & Karalee Nickle.



Let Pepsicles care for you during those first critical weeks at home with your new baby. They have carefully selected carers who will come in and look after the new mother, her household and her family.

In the old days your own mum would be looking after you. With our busy lifestyles nowadays let us provide you with this important care. New mothers need and deserve to be looked after.


Services our carers offer:

  • Looking after mum, getting her meals, snacks and drinks
  • Washing, hanging out to dry, folding up

Parents Centre at Mana

Parents Centre at Mana

Parents Centres New Zealand Incorporated has 51 centres nationwide. As such Parents Centres has the largest parenting based infrastructure and network to support parents and their children 0 -5 years in New Zealand.

The primary objective of the organisation has two streams: Community Support and Community Education.

Bella Mama

Bella Mama

Bella Mama is a massage company for women and families, specialising in pregnancy, birth and motherhood. Whether you are pregnant, caring for a new baby or just in need of some balance and relaxation in your busy life, we can help. Our massage treatments provide an enjoyable way to deeply relax and look after yourself as you care for your baby.