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Kindermusik with Papes

Kindermusik with Papes

Just what a new mum needs - a focused bonding time with baby, support group with fellow new mums, parenting tips based on latest research, boosting baby's over-all development and more!


Course for new mums - Baby & You

This course is specially designed for new moms to learn more about the newborn babies. You will get answer to many questions those are in your mind, you can also meet many new moms like you. You can learn about the emergencies, baby feeding techniques and all. This course is designed only for moms with babies under 4 months. This training course is taken by an educator who has certification on childbirth. This will go for five weeks on every Thursday morning as follows:

Thu 12 Sep, 10:00am – 12:00pm
Thu 19 Sep, 10:00am – 12:00pm
Thu 26 Sep, 10:00am – 12:00pm


White Crane Massage

Healthy mother - happy baby!

Pregnancy massage improves your health and the health of your baby.

It reduces the risk of miscarriage and increases the birth weight. Pregnancy massage decreases cortisol levels and, in turn, excessive fetal activity decreases. It is helpful to ward off depression, anxiety during pregnancy & helps with the postpartum mood.

Many midwives recommend to have at least 2-3 pregnancy massages before the labour.

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New Zealand Nannies International

Au Pair Agency & Parent Coaching - New Zealand Nannies International

NZ Nannies International specializes in placing Au Pairs with NZ Families. It's an incredibly flexible, affordable, beneficial childcare choice. We help you source an Au Pair - one that is a good fit, and support you, the Au Pair and the whole process.

We also provide Parent Coaching for Families having behavioural or sleep difficulties with their children.

If you'd like to know more, see our website: or email (Use the contact form below) or call:

Wellington Area: Victoria 021-0250-2313

Auckland Area: Kristina 021-51-7788

Bebelicious Moses baskets

Bebelicious Moses baskets

A firm European favourite, the Moses basket is the ideal first bed for your newborn baby, and a portable alternative to a bassinet or cot.
Moses basket is made from 100% chemical free, natural maize.
Bebelicious has a wonderful selection of Moses basket stands available to choose from. From a designer ivory Moses basket stand to a soothing rocking stand, Bebelicious stands are perfect for your new baby's nursery.

Mum & Bubs : Affordable Parenting

Mum & Bubs : Affordable Parenting

Pregnant bodies need specially designed clothing to accomodate growing bellies while remaining comofortable and fashionable. Mum & Bubs range of maternity clothes and accessories has been specially selected to provide you with the ultimate in comfort and fit without sacrificing your pre-pregnancy style. We also have a fantastic range of accessories which can help turn your regular clothes into maternity clothes and gorgeous lingerie to keep you looking and feeling great.

My Baby

My Baby

Baby's Development: A look at the first nine months of a baby's development.

Follow baby's development month by month throughout pregnancy with this foetal development section! Jump straight to the month you want to read about:

First Trimester


The Pink Kit - Method For Birthing Better

The Pink Kit - Method For Birthing Better

Helping New Zealand families have a positive birth experience, The Pink Kit teaches skills for soon-to-be mums and dads.

All Of Us At Common Knowledge Trust Helping To Get The Pink Kit Resources To You!

The Pink Kit Method For Birthing Better® is one of the educational branches of CKT. The Pink Kit resources reflect the stories and experiences gathered over a 35 year period from expectant women, fathers-to-be, partners and grandparents who both birthed well and who had difficult births.

These are things we learned over the many years: