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Auckland Gallery Store

Auckland Gallery Store

Art House the brainchild of Phoebe Phibbs, House of Hedone is an Auckland gallery / store which promotes emerging New Zealand artists, jewellery makers and fashion and furniture designers, Located in High Street in the central city and with new exhibitions & every month, it is described by Phibbs as an ongoing "expression of individuality and creativity". An espresso bar is also on site should exposure to all that free-flowing imagination leave you in need of a fix.


Baby Loves Disco - The Rockstar Tour



Baby Loves Disco transforms the hippest nightclubs into child proof discos for 0-8 year olds! Come to an afternoon dance party featuring REAL music spun and mixed by real DJ's from classic disco to the best pop music from today - guaranteed to get your little ones moving and grooving! It's the best of both worlds - parents can chill with a cocktail while the kids go crazy on the dancefloor!


Little Arpeggios Preschool Music Classes

Little Arpeggios Preschool Music Classes

Little Arpeggios Early Childhood Music classes are a live, interactive, musical experience, incorporating a wide variety of instruments and music genre, with a focus on the sung voice, body percussion, improvisation, musicplay and creativity. The classes are designed specifically for babies and preschoolers through to five year old children along with the parents to teach musical elements, as well as different languages and early mathematical concepts. The program weaves Te Whariki and the Early Childhood Curriculum through it, with specific learning outcomes from each class.

Serendipity Studio presents Kindermusik!

Kindermusik - a good beginning never ends.

At Serendipity Studio, we are dedicated to bringing music to life for children of all ages. All children are musical, and inviting them to explore this potential opens doors to a lifetime of creativity, happiness and fun!

Beginning at birth, every child benefits from a rich musical experience! Specialising in Kindermusik, Serendipity Studio offers fun, child centred classes for children of all ages and stages.

The Funky Monkeys

The Funky Monkeys

New Zealand's very own live musical super-group act for kids! Performers Neil, Joe, Chris and Dizzy Dog provide fully interactive, action-packed musical shows at family events around the nation.

They call themselves New Zealand’s very own musical super-group for kids and since 2003, The Funky Monkeys have been dedicated to providing the highest quality musical entertainment to children everywhere.

Julie Wylie Music

Julie Wylie Music

Julie Wylie Music - Original music for early childhood singing and playing, from child music specialist Julie Wylie. Shop online for children's music CD's, DVD's and books.

Gerry and the Crocodettes

Gerry And The Crocodettes

Gerry And The Crocodettes came to earth from a place very far away in the universe called Croco Galaxy. In Croco Galaxy there is a solar system consisting of three small planets clustered around one sun.

The planet closest to the sun is called Alleega. It is inhabited by large intelligent yellow alligators. This is where Pat comes from.

The planet alongside Allega is called Croco. Croco is inhabited with a more human looking race known as the Crocodettes.

Eardrop's Journeys

Eardrop's Journeys

Eardrop's Journeys a set of CD's created in New Zealand for preschoolers. Based on the idea of 'learning through listening' these CD's help preschoolers learn where different sounds come from. Eardrops is educational and fun.

Universal Childrens Audio

Universal Children’s Audio

Universal Children’s Audio, the child of business partners David Antony Clark and Radha Sahar, formally started in 1987. David had professional experience as a radio technician for Radio New Zealand and Radha’s background was in kindergarten teaching. She was also a singer song-writer concerned by the lack of New Zealand children’s music.

Universal Childrens Audio
Postal Address:
P.O. Box 57 233
Mana, Porirua 5247
New Zealand
Phone: +64 4 239 9971
Fax: +64 04 239 9976

Moby Dickens

Moby Dickens

This easy to use online book store specialises in providing good reading for children and young adults. The owner, an author and teacher, has a passion for children's books and their value in extending the horizons of the young.

Whether you are interested in fiction, non-fiction, a first book for baby or a novel for a young adult you will be spoilt for choice. Also available are Klutz and other creative, educational packs, CDs and tapes. For students, there are workbooks for primary level and NCEA study guides for secondary level.