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Howick Rhythmics Gymnastics Club

Howick Rhythmics Gymnastics Club

Howick Rhythmics is East Auckland's only Rhythmic Gymnastics Club and we offer classes from Recreation, to Pre-Competition and Competitive. The sport includes a mixture of dance and gymnastics elements, along with having to learn a variety of apparatus handling skills and body movement techniques.

We offer a creative and nurturing environment for our gymnasts to attempt new things and learn to grow.



Kumgang means Diamond. It stands for hardness. The Kumgang warrior represents the mightiest warrior and Mt. Kumgang is regarded as the centre of the Korean national spirit.



Confidence, self defence, fitness and fun. Affordable Kids karate classes in west Auckland. We offer 2 weeks free to come and try us out.

Little Kickers football training

Little Kickers football training

Little Kickers provides children with an early introduction to the fun and excitement of football (soccer). Our classes are unique in the broad range of other benefits they offer. Developed by early childhood educators together with youth football coaches, offering age-appropriate, highly imaginative, FUN, non-competitive classes.

GO Exercise Solutions NZ

GO Exercise Solutions NZ are offering professional, fun and dynamic GO kids group fitness sessions for children aged 8 - 13 years after school hours to help improve their fitness levels. These fitness sessions are based around building up children's strength, speed, muscle endurance, power and flexibility to help them to get fitter and team ready or just help them to improve their overall fitness levels!

Athletics Auckland Inc

Athletics Auckland Inc - Governing Body for Athletics in the Auckland Region

Athletics Auckland believes that athletics is a foundation sport involving running, jumping, throwing and walking. These core skills are integrated into all aspects of athletics coaching and competing and are consistent with the skills you need for sports like Rugby, Soccer, Netball and Hockey to name a few. Athletics Auckland's role as the Regional Sporting Organisation for athletics is to help all Aucklanders enjoy athletic activities whether this involves regular competitive involvement, casual participation or occasional exercise.

Muscle Plus - Feed the Machine

“Exercising without eating the proper foods is like plowing a field and not putting any seed into the ground” – Arnold

“Yeah right Arnold but who’s got time to shop, weigh and cook all that chicken, rice and broccoli?” – Most of us Mere Mortals

We do

Muscle Plus feed the machine-

  • Weight loss meals
  • Muscle gain meals
  • Dietary Assessments

Brooks Running Footwear


This season, everyone can Run Happy as Brooks DNA technology becomes available in a range of performance running footwear.

Brooks DNA is now available in a range of models with varying levels of underfoot protection in high pressures zones.

Full – length Brooks DNA maps to the pressure points beneath the foot during running.

Brooks DNA is now available in a model for ever runner:

  • Glycerin 8
  • Ravenna 2
  • Trance 10
  • Adrenaline GTS 11
  • Beast / Ariel
  • Cascadia 6

Planet Cycles

Planet Cycles

Planet cycles is like no other bike shop. It is a whole lifestyle experience. Our staff are all passionate cyclists who are all about getting you on the right bike...

Pipsqueaks Toys

Pipsqueaks Toys

Pipsqueaks Toys is one of New Zealand’s largest toy warehouses, and our online toy store is massive with over 2,000 different product lines.