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Auckland Badminton Association

Children from 6yrs through to 12yrs can learn the fun game of badminton. They'll have a great time learning new skills at the after-school programme.


Siu Lum Gar Kung Fu and Kickboxing

Siu Lum Gar Kung Fu and Kickboxing

Siu Lum Gar Kung Fu is a family orientated organisation in which training methods are closely supervised and carried out by instructors highly qualified in the Martial Arts.

This style has been given the name Siu Lum Gar (Cantonese for Shaolin Family). It has allowed the choice of many different techniques, from different Shaolin styles, to ultimately benefit the students. People have different body types, and must be treated as individuals. The Cantonese spelling is in reference to a more southern based system with emphasis on strong, deep stances and powerful hand techniques.

Tai Chi Academy of Auckland

Classes are offered from 10yrs plus, since this discipline requires a lot of concentration and a slow technique. If this sounds like your child, give it a go!

Rhee Tae Kwon Do

Rhee Tae Kwon Do runs classes from 5yrs plus. Classes focus on the art of Tae Kwon Do so there are no tournaments or sparring. There are a number of branches to choose from with one about to open in Glendowie and another planned for Remuera next year.

Yoga (North Shore City)

Yoga (North Shore City)

Joy opened North Shore Yoga in May 1996 after seeing a need for a full-time Yoga School on the North Shore.

Joy has been involved with Iyengar Yoga since 1984 when her own back problem brought her to yoga and found that the Iyengar Yoga system was the best thing for structurally realigning skeletal and muscular problems that were causing the back problem in the first place.

Chidokan Karate Headquarters

Karate classes are open to children from 6yrs plus with four branches to choose from.

Aikido - Ponsonby Community Centre

By learning Aikido your children will learn self-defence, build confidence and develop coordination. Classes are for children aged from 7 to 10 years of age. Aikido classes are also held for disabled children.

The Koshinkai Aikido Dojo

The Koshinkai Aikido Dojo

The Koshinkai Aikido Dojo is independent of any international or national organisation. The hierarchical system of grading is de-emphasised, and priority is given to a non-competitive, creative atmosphere with equal respect accorded to all students.

Children's Classes:

Aikido is a Japanese martial art, which can be translated as the ‘Way of Harmony’ or the ‘Way of Harmony with Universal Energy’.

Wu Jao Martial Arts Academy

Wu Jao Martial Arts Academy

Wushu (Chinese Martial Arts), became known far and wide in the world with the appearance of a spate of Kung Fu films during the 1960's and 1970's. Unlike Western Boxing or Japanese Karate, the Wushu of Shaolin is closely tied to its religious background of Buddhism. Practicing Wushu was used to help attain the awareness of Buddha-nature, for physical fitness and, on some occasions, for self-defence. Emphasis, however, was laid upon the understanding of life, the cultivation of morality and the attainment of a balanced state of being.

Kung Fu:

Ashihara Karate - Lagoon Leisure and Fitness

Lagoon Leisure and Fitness offers after school karate lessons for children aged 5yrs plus. Classes run from Monday to Saturday and are very popular – so give them a call to book a spot.

Ashihara Karate - Lagoon Leisure and Fitness
Phone: (09) 570 5321