Is online betting legal in New Zealand?

Betting is considered as the act of playing games which is to win the stake, most usually money. This betting is also known as gambling and the people all over the world get involved in this to earn money.

There are many types of online betting which is legal in New Zealand and is taking place for many years. There are number of ways to place the wagers on any sporting events. These types include bookmaking shops or the telephone betting services.

As the internet and the sports are being developed, the betting game has become incredibly popular. The most common type of betting is done through online only.

There are more betting sites in which the online betting is legal in New Zealand. Using the legal sites will be more convenient for the users to bet online and also it offers more advantages.

The main advantage in betting online is we can place the wagers at anytime we need from the comfort of our home.

The betting law in New Zealand is formed by the department of internal affairs casino. The purpose of the gambling act includes:

  • Controlling the growth of betting
  • It reduces the harm caused by gambling which includes problem gambling
  • Facilitate the responsible gambling
  • Limit the opportunities which are framed for crime.
  • Facilitate the community involvement in making the decisions.

The department of the internal affairs administrates the gambling legislation and also gives the licenses for gambling activities.

The current betting law in New Zealand is the gambling act 2003, in which the law repeals the casino control act 1990 and integrates them into the single act. Racing is being continued under the racing act 2003 with some gaming machine operations.

gambling legislation


The laws governing betting in New Zealand are,

  • Gambling amendment act 2015
  • Gambling amendment act 2005
  • Gambling act 2003
  • Racing act 2003

Gambling laws are defined based on the age restriction which depends on the type of gambling they play. The players who participate in the gambling should be above 18 years or older and need to follow the regulation of legally bet online in NZ.

Gambling laws are being formulated to protect and also to initiate the protections for the community. These laws are also set to:

  • It regulates and also limits the illegal activity related to the gaming.
  • Encourage the involvement and also the participation from the New Zealand community.

These are the laws the persons who plays gambling should follow when they do betting and the gambling.